Tuesday, August 9, 2011

7 Ways Fish Oil for Dogs Can Boost Your Pet’s Health

Perhaps better known as omega 3’s, the essential fatty acids of ALA, DHA and EPA are required for your dog's cellular health. They also inhibit the development of prostaglandins. Left unchecked, prostaglandins can lead to chronic inflammatory diseases like arthritis.
In short, fish oil is highly beneficial for dogs.
Here are 7 ways Lucy can benefit:

•Soothe dry, flaky skin
•Give your pet a shiny, healthy coat
•Reduce inflammation
•Heart health
•Boost immune system
•Even healthy adrenal function

According to health guru Dr. Andrew Weil, veterinarians now recommend fish oil for dogs with allergies, kidney disease, arthritis and high cholesterol.
It’s a natural anti-inflammatory which is crucial for disease prevention. \
What’s the Right Fish Oil Dosage?

The right fish oil for dogs dosage is based on weight.

For example, if you used this fish oil, you’d give a larger dog (more than 20 lbs.) ¾ of a capsule each day for a 1500 mg dose.
For smaller dogs, you could puncture the capsule and squeeze some of the oil onto the food.
Of course, you should always check with your veterinarian whenever you add something new like a supplement and to get the right ratio for your pet.
Some dogs may require a higher dosage to reap the biggest benefits.
For example, dogs with allergies or other health concerns may need more omega 3’s for the greatest health benefits.

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