Thursday, April 11, 2013

How to Create a Garden For Dogs

From plants to water features, a dog-approved guide to the "ultimutt" backyard

Think having a beautiful backyard and a dog are diametrically opposed? Think again. We spoke with Stephen Westcott-Gratton, senior horticultural editor at Canadian Gardening, who provided tips for creating an outdoor Eden both you and your dog can enjoy. Highlights include:
Patchy Problem - How to Prevent Brown Spots on Your Lawn. From preventing AND rejuvenating burnt-out spots in your lawn to urine-resistant ground covering ideas like clover, ryegrasses, and fescues, we've got you covered.

Pick Your Plants - What's Safe For Dogs. The safest flowers are the ones that are completely edible and which you can use in your own salads and dishes (bonus!). These include violets, pansies, and roses, as well as flowers from vegetables like squash. The signet marigold is one of Westcott-Gratton’s favourite annuals. One of the most famous varieties is called “Lemon Gem” for its lemon colour and delicious lemon flavour.

Solve the Digging Dilemma - How to create a spot designed especially for your dog to dig in.

Ditch the herbicide! A study by Purdue University veterinary researchers found exposure to herbicide-treated lawns and gardens increased the risk of bladder cancer by four to seven times in Scottish Terriers. The study adds to earlier research conducted by the National Institutes of Health that found elevated rates of canine lymphoma in dogs exposed to lawn pesticides. We've got natural alternatives to help keep you pest free.

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