Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Scottish Terrier owners, beware! Bridget sick after ingesting more Cuz ball feet

'Excerpt from Scottish Terrier News'

Bridget is a ball thief and she especially likes to steal Cuz dog toys with feet and chew the feet off.

Given her past history with these balls, I have learned to look out for them and steer her away, especially from the small ones, on which she can perform a foot amputation in mere seconds.

Well, last night in the middle of the night, she started barking to go out, something she very rarely does. I let her out and assumed the problem was solved but the barking continued and at dawn, I let her out again and saw that the floor was covered with pools of vomit. She was also madly eating grass, hiding in the bushes, walking tail down and generally behaving very listlessly. I thought maybe it was a wood chip she had eaten at the park or the sandwich crumbs she had hoovered up at a sidewalk cafe the day before.

At one point, she retreated under the back garden stairs and I worried that she might have passed out, but then she perked up so we headed out of town instead of to the emergency vet. She continued to behave normally until noon when she pooped and, behind the regular stuff, two perfectly-formed Cuz ball feet emerged.

Bridget was with me all day yesterday so I'm almost 100% sure they weren't consumed then. They must have been consumed earlier this week when I wasn't around and backs were turned, but I have no idea how long they were churning around in her stomach.

Please, keep these dangerous balls away from your Scotties.

Update: Bridget has been herself since three hours before the feet emerged. I guess the problem was preapring the feet for expulsion

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