Monday, March 29, 2010


I have been making dog treats for some time because I hate that I go to the pet store and still find treats with corn gluten and other crap STILL on the shelves. I have so many friends that ask that I make treats for them that I am going to start selling homemade treats off of our MacTavish Scotties website.  So... every few days I experiment with a new treat recipe.  This week-end: peanut butter Snaps and peanut butter puffs.  SNAPS - YES... puffs - not so great.  As I develop the process I will offer a sampler pack with some of the proven favorites:  milk bones (biscuit au lait) , peanut butter snaps, and cheesy bones - to name a few.  Please check our links often -and I will announce as soon as we are up and running! Bone Appetit

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